“A Human Crime”

(The following notice, concerning this article, has been spotted on campus bulletin boards and was retyped verbatim)

“The following is a statement concerning a student’s right to his or her own writing – A statement about a human crime committed by the editors of The Dartmouth newspaper – A statement about journalistic integrity and the public’s right to read completely objective factual articles.

“On Tuesday, October 8, The Dartmouth published an article researched and originally written by this writer, Vassilia Binensztok. The article, entitled “Wright won’t sign tolerance petition,” concerns a statement initiated by former Dartmouth College president James O. Freedmen [sic]…

“As I wrote it, the article covered both sides of the story — objectively covering the issues at hand, presenting the information clearly and letting the reader decide his own opinion.

“The editors of The Dartmouth COMPLETELY RE-WROTE the article that I had written, changing the wording and added complete paragraphs without EVER consulting me…”

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