A Counter Protest?

Earlier today, a group calling itself Real Talk Counterprotest (which is itself a reference to the slogans that a similiar group of students displayed at last spring’s Dimensions protest) sent out an email to campus leaders “gauging interest in a coutnerprotest” this afternoon. The email read:

Dear Friends,

As you know, Real Talk is currently occupying Parkhurst to have their demands met regarding the Freedom Budget. I think they are also calling for more people to join them at 3:00 PM. 

In response to their sit-in, I am gauging interest in a counter protest with signs like “You are welcome at Dartmouth.” It is my belief that the only sensible response to people who feel that their “bodies are already on the line, in danger and under attack at Dartmouth” is to demonstrate to them how welcoming the vast majority of the student population really is. 

Maybe it’s a stupid idea, but I’d appreciate it if you forwarded it to your respective houses (or someone in the house who would feel comfortable doing so). If I get around 20 or 30 responses back (emailRealTalkCounterProtest@gmail.com) then I’ll blitz everyone on the list. If not then you just won’t hear from this account again. 

Thanks and let me know,


It remains to be seen whether or not an organized response will materialize, but The Dartmouth Review will continue to provide updates on the situation as it evolves throughout the day.


— The Review Staff