A Brush with Greatness

It’s not every day that one gets to dine with a presidential candidate, but this evening Harry Camp and I lucked out and treated Republican candidate and New Hampshire resident Robert Haines to dinner at Murphy’s.

You may not have heard of him, but Mr. Haines is a perennial candidate; he ran for president in both 1992 and 1996 (I believe he missed 2000 due to a conviction for felonious reckless conduct and felonious use of body armor). In 1994, during his ’96 bid, he tackled an individual outside the White House who had just opened fire and was later convicted of attempting to assasinate the President. He has the newspapers and letter from Secret Service to prove it. Mr. Haines is no lightweight; he has campaigned in 36 states, and he even beat out every other candidate and was the FIRST person to submit his papers for the NH primary (photo on that link as well). Other campaigns are clearly onto him though: He suspects an operative for another candidate stole his American flag outside the Hanover Inn today. (Yes, he has filed a complaint with the police, and yes, you should report it if you know who is responsible.) In all fairness, he is sharp and fiery, and he has solid conservative stances. For example, his position on gun control: “Use both hands.” He is also deeply religious.

You’ll probably read about him in tomorrow’s D since he was kicked off campus by S&S and the Hanover Police. WDCR also did a brief interview that they’ll be airing at some point. But until then, a few gems from dinner:

He plans to raise more money than Bush and Dean.

His daughter is named Liberty Ann Justice.

He serenaded Harry and me with an original country song about his campaign.

He likes ketchup. I mean, he really, really piles it on.

“Wesley Clark has a handshake like a woman.”

UPDATE: Here’s the D’s rather unfair article on Mr. Haines. No worries though, Mr. Haines is on the corner of Main Street as I write this.