A Belated Take on the Debate

9-9-9, 9-9-9, 9-9-9…So went the refrain of Herman Cain tonight. Despite his repetitiveness, Cain somehow managed to be entertaining at the very least, prompting laughter on multiple occasions. Whether this was always intentional is another story. Though Cain faced occasional derision from his fellow GOP candidates, its safe to say he was solid tonight-I certainly didn’t notice any major slip-ups.

For that matter, I didn’t notice any major slip-ups at all. There were no memorable bouts of Rick Perry verbal diarrhea, or crazy Michelle Bachmann rants (although the pair didn’t really say much). I feel like I didn’t get my money’s worth!

Discussion of the Economy amounted to little more than vague and general rhetoric (with the exception of Cain’s 9-9-9 mantra). Mitt Romney dominated, emphasizing his business savvy and seeming to tell the crowd “don’t sweat the details, I’m smart, I’ll take care of it.” Ron Paul hammered on the FED, with occasional help from Santorum as well as a few others around the table. All in all, it was a relatively predictable evening.

What could have livened it up a bit would’ve been a liberal dose of Chris Christie, who was in attendance. Christie was paid a visit by Romney during one of the breaks, presumably in appreciation of his recent endorsement of Romney’s candidacy for President. Just spitballing here, but who wouldn’t vote for a Romney-Christie ticket? I would in a heartbeat!

Chrisopher T. Hopkins