Friday Happenings: “How to humanize a yeast cell” 3:30 P.M., 100 Cummings–Tillman Gerngross of Thayer speaks.

“Psychedelic Language” 4:30, Loew–“Scott Santoro, Graphic Designer, Worksight, New York City, will discuss the poster designs of [Hood exhibit] ‘High Society’ as a product of the social climate and in relation to the commercial attitude of the time.”

“Are there Second Class Citizens in America?” 6 P.M., 1930 Room, Rockefeller–A discussion basically asking of America what France has been asking of itself this week, including the toughie: “Do race and gender matter in America?”

“Kandahar” 7:30 P.M., Spaulding–Self-discovery and adventure in pre-late Afghanistan. The film has a website ($5 Dartmouth students, $7 gen. admission).

“Ensemble Ongaku-Zammai” 8 P.M., Rollins–“This Japanese quintet of instrumentalists will perform works by Tchaikovsky, Mussorgsky, Shostakovich and Ravel.” Followed by a post-performance discussion at 11 P.M. ($5 Dartmouth students, $20 gen. admission).

“Nonalcoholic programming event” 8 P.M., Sigma Delta

“Band and Beer” 11 P.M., Gamma Delta Chi