Elsewhere: Dartmouth prof. of economics William Fischel: You get what you pay for in the housing market, including differences in school quality.

Former Dartmouth prof. Arthur Hertzberg in the LA Times: “What’s coming out of Washington is sheer hypocrisy… You cannot be spending lives and treasure uprooting Al Qaeda and preparing to kill Saddam Hussein and then say to Israel, ‘You’ve got to stay still.'”

The Mellon Foundation has given a grant to the Dartmouth College Library and the Council on Library and Information Resources to develop a “Scholarly Communication Institute.” Three annual institutes will be held at Dartmouth, bringing together “pioneers and innovators in scholarly communication” to advance the cutting edge in their disciplines.

AP: “Maya Angelou speaks at Dartmouth” “Angelou apologized to Dartmouth College students on behalf of her generation for ‘handing you a world so full of hate.'”

Globe: “Dartmouth killings left prosecutor with a void.”

Bob Smith brings home the bacon for Dartmouth, says the Globe. Too bad Judd Greg’s not running for reelection.

AP: “Studies find surgical experience matters in the operating room.” More on DMS’s Dr. John D. Birkmeyer’s research.

Globe: Are there too many MBA school rankings?. Tuck cite.

“Investors are waking up and realizing that Wall Street research is merely a marketing tool used for selling stocks,” says Tuck prof. Kent Womack to BusinessWeek.