Dr. Paul Gerber, 55, an internist at DHMC, died of a drug overdose of prescription painkillers, reports today’s Valley News. Gerber died suddenly in his office on January 2.

Autopsy results showed the drugs Fentanyl and Tramadol in Gerber’s system at the time of his death. Fentanyl is a narcotic similar to morphine, and Tramadol is non-narcotic and weaker than Fetanyl. The two drugs can be used together. Gerber took Fentanyl intravenously and Tramadol orally, reports the autopsy. The drugs caused Gerber to stop breathing, starving his brain of oxygen�ultimately killing him.

Lebanon police have ruled out foul play and have “no evidence” to believe Gerber abused these drugs. Police also do not believe that Gerber was “self-medicating” illness or pain.

DHMC officials would not respond to the Valley News’ request for interviews.