Cultural Expressions: This evening in Collis Commonground, prospective members of the class of 2006 were feted with Mexican, Chinese and South African Dance, as well as the such standbys as the Cords, Rockapellas, and Sheba dance troupe. However, there were highlights. The Occcum Pond Singers, “an intertribal drum group” consisting of six Native American males, one with very red hair and very white skin, sitting around a drum and beating it, while chanting “powwow” songs, mostly in a monotone. The best part of the show was when the MCs called up people from the audience, by name. These included Dean Furstenberg and other event organizers. Attendees were privileged to see Furstenberg gyrating around the dance floor, in time with the lively music. A sight not to missed. One is left to wonder what cultural impressions prospectives got from “Cultural Expressions.”