Another unlocked door… According to a Safety and Security Bulletin, early this morning, a male entered the unlocked room of a female student, removed his shoes, and crawled into bed. I contacted S & S, and they refused to comment whether the bed was occupied by the said female. In any event, the said female yelled, and the male left the room, walking unsteadily.

Why can’t students learn to lock their rooms? Read Andrew Grossman’s analysis of a similar recent event here. Also, read Alex Wilson’s article on this subject.

Below is the full text of the S & S report.

On 4/9/02 at approximately 4:28AM, Safety and Security received information that a male entered a female students room (in New Hampshire Hall) which was unlocked; he took off his shoes and crawled into bed. The woman yelled and he left walking in an unsteady manner. Hanover Police and Safety and Security responded immediately and canvassed the area with no success.

The intruder is identified as: a white male, between 5’6″ and 5’8″, with a short straight crew cut style hair cut. He is described as somewhat scrawny, wearing blue jeans and a baseball type tee shirt with dark sleeves, a collar, and white on the body of the shirt. He was also wearing running shoes, which he left in the room.

Anyone with information on this complaint is asked to contact:

Department of Safety and Security


Hanover Police