About Hollingworth: The D left quite a bit out of its coverage of Bev Hollingworth’s visit to campus yesterday. College Republican and occasional candidate Bob Gienko clears things up:

On Monday, State Sen Bev Hollingsworth commendably showed interest in college students by speaking here. Unfortunately, that is the only positive to be found in her visit. NH remains a great state precisely because people like her are held at bay.

Being a typical left-wing liberal Democrat, Hollingsworth mislead her audience on education funding. She said that NH was “dead last” in state funding of education. This use to be true several years ago as most funding was local. Since several lawsuits, the state is now providing 60% of all education funding! This is by far the highest in New England. I wonder if Hollingsworth mentioned that over the last 20 years education funding per pupil has DOUBLED in NH, while test scores have remained absolutely flat.

It seems to me that something in addition to money drives quality of education. But, being a Democrat, what is Hollingsworth’s main goal? RAISING TAXES! She was recently quoted by the Eagle Tribune as saying, “It drives me CRAZY that some people don’t support an income tax.” Now, we wouldn’t want to make her crazy, but she is again forgetting that NH has the 8th highest per capita income in the country and a thriving high tech economy because of our low taxes.

Vermont, Maine and Mass have all languished while NH has flourished. What is the difference? Republicans have set up a pro-growth, low tax system here while Democrats akin to Hollingsworth have raised taxes and stifled freedom in the others!

In closing, if you like more taxes, if you want someone else controlling your life, if you want to create a new Massachusetts, then Hollingsworth is for you. If you would rather continue to see NH thrive then tell her to go home.