Hmmm… this from a site about Samson Occum and Long Island History

The Hill Winds of the Hamptons: Dartmouth Almost Founded on Long Island

“Samson Occum felt strongly enough about educating Indians that he traveled to England in the mid-1700s to raise money to establish a college. He and his supporters first thought the college should be built in a farm field in Southold. That site — called “Corchaug Pond” in the oldest records of the town — sat just west of what is today the hamlet of Southold, and south of Route 25. It was set aside as an Indian reservation in 1685; later, records show, local officials talked of relocating the Montauketts to the site. In 1767, a minister named Nathaniel Walker, a friend of Occum’s, wrote to a supporter about creating an Indian school on the site. The letter reads:

Mr. Occum tells me that there is a large tract of land on Long Island on ye North Side not far west of Southold … which he thinks may be procured for a small sum which is handy for fish oysters clams, so that much of the youth’s living might be obtained therefrom … Will it not be worth while to look after that land …? You know the good temper of Long Island folks.

The college envisioned by Occum was not built in Southold for reasons that have never been made clear. It was built in New Hampshire and was named Dartmouth College. Today, students remember Occum by smoking clay pipes at graduation time and ice-skating during the winter on Occum Pond, which is, of course, next to Occum Ridge.”