Ben Stein’s Dartmouth Diary: In today’s Daily D TV gameshow host and writer Ben Stein makes another appearance at the College. Responding to the March 1 Daily D article, Stein names his preferred brand of shoe�Simple�and describes Novack Cafe as “fine” in this letter. Obviously, he didn’t spend much time at Novack.

While Stein’s presence apparently shocked the Dartmouth community, students should have been expecting him. Why was he in the area? Stein was staying at the Hanover Inn while visiting his son at the nearby Cardigan Mountain School.

Late last year in his “Ben Stein’s Diary” column in the American Spectator, Stein writes about sending his son to boarding school, and, although he does not mention the school by name, he does mention its proximity to Dartmouth. Although Stein will surely not become a fixture in the Upper Valley, this may not be the last that students see of him.