You Heard it Here First: Janos Marton is the new president of the Student Assembly. Julia Hildreth is the Vice President. Some sort of SA revolution has, perhaps, begun.

Marton ran on a reform, pro-Greek, pro-accountability ticket, earning him the ire of Assembly traditionalists. I first surmised that Marton was not the usual SA candidate when both The Dartmouth Review and the Free Press endorsed him. When those staunch defenders of the status quo at the D endorsed his SA-favored opponent, I knew he was the candidate for me.

Clearly, he was the right candidate for many of us. There is a sense that students are at last fed up with the Student Assembly’s total unwillingness to fight for any sort of student voice at Dartmouth. Dissatisfaction with the SA has gained momentum like a moving train, and, as our new SA president will tell you, it’s hard to stop a moving train. Ok, slogans are not his strong suit. Nevertheless, Dartlog wishes Janos Marton good luck in fixing our broken Student Assembly.