What?: It’s long been suspected that students who write for the D do not, in fact, attend Dartmouth. Usually this suspicion arises due to the poor writing found within its pages. However, today’s house editorial, endorsing Mike Perry ’03 for SA President, makes it obvious that the D’s editors and writers are shipped over from local community colleges. They write, “over the last few years, the Assembly has succeeded at gradually institutionalizing student voice and diversifying student services. Perry proposes to build on the Assembly’s past successes rather than scrapping recent progress.” In no way is this true. The administration ignores student opinion as much as it ever has. When was the last time that SA achieved real, meaningful change through lobbying the administration (being able to use one’s ID card at the washing machines does not count)? The editors go on to write that now is not the time to go for radical structural overhaul. Unfortunately, this is exactly what is needed. Until the SA is made up of students who are actually elected to represent students rather than members who achieved their status through a system that is slightly more difficult than ordering takeout, there will be no reason for anyone to pay attention to what the SA has to say.