Thursday Happenings: “Everything at Dartmouth after 11 A.M.” (like you’ll be up any earlier)

“SA Elections” until 5 P.M., vote here–Read Alex Wilson’s smart endorsement of Janos Marton ’04 for president here.

“Display of the AIDS Quilt” noon through 9 P.M., Commonground–Part of “AIDS Awareness Week.” Fetching fun for AIDS activists and quilters alike.

“Red Ribbon Campaign” noon though 2 P.M. and 5 P.M. through 7 P.M., Collis and Thayer–Part of “AIDS Awareness Week.” Wear a red ribbon to show that you’re against AIDS, apartheid, and the beating of defenseless children.

“Community Hour” noon, Commonground–Part of “AIDS Awareness Week.” Discussion of “students’ off-term experiences fighting the battle against AIDS” (with swords).

“Anti-war Art: the artist as witness and activist” 12:30 P.M., Hood–Amanda Potter ’02, the fifth student to curate an exhibit from the Hood’s collections, speaks.

“Greek Community Dog Show” 1 – 4 P.M., Tabard lawn–The girls of EKT strut their stuff (kidding!).

“Storytelling, Metamorphosis, and Reliable Narrators in Ovid’s Metamorphoses” 4 P.M., 13 Carpenter–Michael Simpson, of the University of Texas at Dallas, speaks.

“The Idea of a University” 6 P.M., Moore Psychology Auditorium–RECOMMENDED–Fr. Dr. George Rutler ’65, always entertaining, witty, erudite, and accessable, speaks.

A Time of Drunken Horses” (or “Zamani baray� masti asbha“) 7 P.M., Loew Auditorium–“A family of orphans struggles to survive and protect their sickly brother by smuggling goods across the dangerous Iran/Iraq border.” Reviewer: “This is one of the most powerful and deeply affecting films I have seen. Using non-professional actors from the region, Ghobadi is able to lay bare the devastating hardships of life in Kurdistan on the Iran-Iraq border” ($5 Dartmouth students, $6 gen. admission).

“Alumni Class Leadership” 8 P.M., Top of the Hop–Members of the class of 2002 are invited to meet their class leadership and the Alumni Relations staff. Free drinks until 8:30.

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