2008 Dartmouth Clery Report

The Dartmouth Department of Safety and Security today released their 2008 Annual Security Clery Report, detailing various crime rates, specifically crimes committed by students and those that occurred on Dartmouth property. Not much was new in the document besides 2007’s numbers. Highlights include:

  • We appear to have stamped out arson on campus, with no occurrences in ’06 or ’07!
  • Dartmouth campus still murder-and-manslaughter free! Take that, Yalies!
  • Alcohol-related arrests down 40% since ’05 – alcohol-related disciplinary action down almost 50%! (Debate: does this make the ’11s the worst class ever?)
  • No gun law violations (not that there’s really any gun laws to violate here in NH)
  • Burglary, drug law arrests/violations all holding even
  • A slight up-tick in sexual offenses (14 in ’05, 13 in ’06, 19 in ’07)