Monthly Archives: May 2002

Friday Happenings: “Everything at Dartmouth after 11 A.M.” (with apologies to KMS) “Display of the AIDS Quilt” noon through 9 P.M., Commonground–Part of “AIDS Awareness Week.” Fetching fun for AIDS… Read more »

Be Nice: Ehud Barak is the former president of one of America’s closest allies, and we were certainly lucky to have him speak at Dartmouth since he is surely in… Read more »

You Heard it Here First: Janos Marton is the new president of the Student Assembly. Julia Hildreth is the Vice President. Some sort of SA revolution has, perhaps, begun. Marton… Read more »

Support Israel: Support Israeli soldiers with pizza and Pepsi (via WSJ’s Best of the Web).

“Black Beauty”: From the “Afro-American Society” Blitz bulletin: ******Afro-American Society******* General Body Meeting Thursday May 2, 2002 6:30 pm Agenda: Committee Updates BADA Weekend, Tuck BBQ North Country Weekend Alcohol… Read more »

On the other hand: Maybe he could follow the model of another politician turned talk show host-Jerry Springer. Can you imagine Bill’s reflections at the end of an episode featuring… Read more »

Well, they are both fat: According the LA Times Bill Clinton wants his own talk show and would like to become “the next Oprah Winfrey.” Finally, a job he is… Read more »

Sickening: The sight of Arafat’s temper tantrum at his press conference and the adjoining videos of his police corps celebrating with guns in the air yesterday should leave little doubt… Read more »

Thursday Happenings: “Everything at Dartmouth after 11 A.M.” (like you’ll be up any earlier) “SA Elections” until 5 P.M., vote here–Read Alex Wilson’s smart endorsement of Janos Marton ’04 for… Read more »

Barak Wrap-Up: “We should deal with terrorists the same way our forefathers dealt with pirates on the high seas,” said former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak in a speech today… Read more »