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The Losers of Dorm Locking

The Losers of Dorm Locking

Dean Redman (email) has announced that, when dorm locking goes into effect this coming summer or fall term, all commercial deliveries to students’ dorm rooms will be curtailed. In this… Read more »

On Awe, a Summary and Critique

On Awe, a Summary and Critique

Senior Christopher Moore presented his thesis and senior fellowship on the philosophy of awe yesterday. The audience, fifty strong, “exceeded my expectations,” said Moore, “which is part of awe.” More… Read more »

RSS Feed

RSS Feed now has an RSS feed for syndication. The URL is . Direct questions here. For those wondering what to do with RSS, here goes: RSS is a content… Read more »

Kalb Chronicles: A new installment is up from our man-in-the-field. Read it here.

Wednesday Happenings: “Everything at Dartmouth after 11 A.M.” (nearly derailed by a German) “Blood Drive” 11 A.M. – 4:30 P.M., Alumni Hall–“Help ensure that New England hospital inventories will be… Read more »

Gimp-hard: Harry, the man’s name is spelled Gephardt. Honestly. Although his police detail (which diligently protect his house and mine) refuse to oblige my requests to carpool with him to… Read more »

Sex Toys Lecture in Tindle: Yesterady in Tindle Lounge at 7pm, Health Resources and the Women’s Resource Center had their spring episode of the Let’s Talk about Sex Series. The… Read more »

Tuesday Happenings: “Everything at Dartmouth after 11 A.M.” (on-time thanks to the construction workers) “What matters to me and why” noon, Tucker–Lunch with professor Konrad VonMoltke of the environmental studies… Read more »

Gephart: (from our man in the trenches Harry Camp) In the cramped faculty lounge of the Top of the Hop, House Minority Leader Richard Gephart spoke at 4 pm yesterday… Read more »

Who woulda thunk it?: Harvard’s Undergraduate Council tries to make ROTC cadets’ lives a bit easier.