Monthly Archives: April 2002

More on Bydon: I hadn’t planned to get involved in the debate over this column, but a some of the points Mohamad Bydon makes in his response demand a response…. Read more »

Bydon Responds: Mohamad Bydon responds to Steven Menashi’s criticism of his column (send comments here for posting): In his response to my column, Steve Menashi states “The wanton killing of… Read more »

Unjustifiable, but The D justifies it: In the Daily Dartmouth today, ex-Reviewer Mohamad Bydon writes a very strange column in which he makes the curious claim that �As unjustifiable as… Read more »

From the Herald: “It’s Over: Zantops’ killers get life, 25 years“ “Daughters, friends give killers a dose of emotion“ “Pair show different faces in court“ From the Union Leader: “Tulloch… Read more »

Friday Happenings: “Lunch with African Women Scientists” RSVP today for noon lunch on April 9–Dine with Dr Marian Addy, of the Department of Biochemistry at the University of Ghana, Dr…. Read more »

Statement of President Wright regarding sentencing in Zantop murder trial Today, Robert Tulloch pleaded guilty to first-degree murder and he and James Parker were both sentenced. While we will never… Read more »

Pacifists are People Too, Man: This Saturday the Vermont Coalition for Peace and Justice will hold a demonstration against the “War on Terrorism.” The groups will hold workshops in “nonviolence… Read more »

GreenPrint II? New pay-for-printing policy upsets students at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. It would be trivial to add this sort of capability to Dartmouth’s new GreenPrint system, since users have… Read more »

A Cautionary Tale: For those who think hiring high profile, superstar professors is a great idea, the latest news from Harvard may be a bit disillusioning. Noted Harvard Law School… Read more »

Sentencing in Zantop case: Robert Tulloch pleaded guilty this morning to the murder of Half and Suzanne Zantop. According to an AP newswire, this move was against the advice of… Read more »