Monthly Archives: April 2002

Another ground-breaking study: Our friends at the Dartmouth Medical School have discovered that experienced hospitals do a better job on complicated surgeries than their less experienced counterparts. Read more about… Read more »

War on Drugs: Lindsay Earls ’05 has made national headlines recently, challenging of her high school’s drug policy. Earls was tested against her will because she participated in the school… Read more »

Ben Stein Update: The current issue of the American Spectator features its monthly installment of “Ben Stein’s Diary.” Stein writes about his recent trip to the Upper Valley, specifically his… Read more »

Thursday Happenings: “Sigma Nu Senior Symposium” 5:30 P.M., Sigma Nu–“Chris Bowen ’02 will be talking about his research comparing the economies of China, Taiwan, Mexico, South Korea, and India for… Read more »

Wednesday Happenings: “Child Pornography” 8 P.M., Alpha Theta–A discussion on the “ethics/morality” of such, hosted by Prof. Sinott-Armstrong. “Christianity and Islam in the World Today” 6:30 P.M., Edgerton House–Anthropology Prof…. Read more »

Elsewhere: More from DHMC researcher John Baron: “Baby aspirin lowers risk of colon cancer.” From CBS Evening News last night: Dartmouth Medical School researchers report the best direct evidence yet… Read more »

About Hollingworth: The D left quite a bit out of its coverage of Bev Hollingworth’s visit to campus yesterday. College Republican and occasional candidate Bob Gienko clears things up: On… Read more »

Moreon GreenPrint : The Daily D reports that Mike Hogan, director of computing services, “hopes to adopt a more secure method of identification similar to the Kerberos authentication system.” Yet… Read more »

Another unlocked door… According to a Safety and Security Bulletin, early this morning, a male entered the unlocked room of a female student, removed his shoes, and crawled into bed…. Read more »

Tuesday Events: “The Wedding Banquet” 8 P.M., Rip-Wood-Smith lounge–Ang Lee’s 1993 comedy. Worth seeing despite being associated with the “GSA Movie Series.” “Men’s Dinner” 7 P.M., 218 Collis–Join Framji Minwalla,… Read more »