Monthly Archives: April 2002

Elsewhere: Dartmouth prof. of economics William Fischel: You get what you pay for in the housing market, including differences in school quality. Former Dartmouth prof. Arthur Hertzberg in the LA… Read more »

An Uncivil Award: Dartmouth professor of religion Ifi Amadiume‘s book Male Daughters, Female Husbands, has been selected as one of the best 100 books by African authors in the 20th… Read more »

Tuesday Happenings: “What Matters to Me and Why” noon, Tucker–Lunch with sociology professor Misagh Parsa. “Aporia Philosophical Discussion: The Good Person” noon, Thornton Lounge–“What is a good person?” and “What… Read more »

West Update: Princeton-bound Cornel West called Harvard President Larry Summers, ”the Ariel Sharon of American higher education” today on NPR. Well, as long as we’re all keeping things in proportion…. Read more »

Monday Happenings: “Betrayal of Trust” 4 P.M., 3 Rockefeller–No, the Trustees aren’t speaking. Laurie Garrett, Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist and author, discusses “the collapse of global public health,” conveniently the subtitle… Read more »

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Sunday Happenings: “Help Plan a demonstration against war” 5 P.M., Women’s Resource Center–“It’s time for all those who believe in and still cherish democracy, freedom and equality to demand accountability… Read more »

On the News: Crowd counts are notoriously unreliable. Remember the flap over the Million Man and Million Woman Marches? It’s repeated daily, like this: In today’s edition, the NY Times… Read more »

Saturday Happenings: (also see yesterday’s post for Saturday morning events) “The Business of Strangers” 7 & 9 P.M., Loew–“Debut director Patrick Stettner’s dark thriller about a successful businesswoman (Stockard Channing)… Read more »

Friday Happenings: “Spring Gala” 6 P.M., Hood Museum–Party to celebrate the museum’s “High Society” exhibition of psychelia. “Social Justice Coffehouse” 9:30 P.M. – 1:30 A.M., Commonground–“an exciting and dynamic aspect… Read more »