Monthly Archives: April 2002

Israel: Nimrod Barkan, Senior Policy Advisor to the Director General of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Israel, speaks tonight at 7 P.M., in 105 Dartmouth. Barkan is a former… Read more »

Two Lives: In a utterly inane Op-Ed in today’s Daily D, Andrew Hanauer relates the story of Robert Hudspeth, a convicted murderer turned suicide. After gaining our sympathy for this… Read more »

Mangia!: The Manchester Union-Leader reviews Hanover’s Murphy’s on the Green. The menu is, as the review notes, eclectic but, I think, to the point of hazy promiscuity. From the meals… Read more »

Wenesday Happenings: George Lewis 12:30 P.M., Faulkner Recital Hall–The composer performs as part of the Festival of New Musics. Players include the composer Christian Wolff and Don Glasgo. “Edge Dinner”… Read more »

Tuesday Happenings: “Strategic Supremacy” noon, Hanover Inn–Tuck professor Richard D’Aveni will discuss his new book, Strategic Supremacy – How Industry Leaders Create Growth, Wealth, and Power Through Spheres of Influence,… Read more »

Attack of the Clones?: As the Senate debates a ban on both reproductive and “research” cloning, The New Republic’s Charles Krauthammer addresses the relevant moral issues. A fascinating if occasionally… Read more »

Elsewhere: BusinessWeek: The Education of Jeff Immelt, Dartmouth ’78. The NY Times profiles John Short ’71, chief executive of the Leslie Fay company. Jonathan Lu ’02 complains to The Globe… Read more »

Monday Happenings:“Earth Day” 11:30 A.M., Collis Porch–Events include a barbeque (no beef, I should hope), quilt making, a “trash display,” a “bottle mail-back,” and “EcoPledge signing.” Go wild. “Too Many… Read more »

Happenings: Event listings will return on Sunday night, with events for Monday. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Cultural Expressions: This evening in Collis Commonground, prospective members of the class of 2006 were feted with Mexican, Chinese and South African Dance, as well as the such standbys as… Read more »