Monthly Archives: April 2002

Right: The Boston Globe has this bit on Robert Reich ’68, labor secretary under Clinton and Mass governor candidate: Reich, the former US labor secretary, has been telling interviewers recently… Read more »

Saturday Happenings: (KPIX-TV: Squirrels invade Stanford University) “First-year family cookout” noon, Collis porch–Sponsored by the Dartmouth Rainbow Alliance, the Gay-Straight Alliance, the Afro-American Society, the Department of Sociology, COSO, the… Read more »

4:01: Oh, and if someone could tell Andre Rison it’s ok to rebuild his house now, that’d be great. Don’t go chasing waterfalls…

4, Friday: I’ve decided to end the monotony of this clark–wilson discussion page. And also vent my frustration at nilly for being an insidious spy on behalf of the people’s… Read more »

Friday Happenings: “How to humanize a yeast cell” 3:30 P.M., 100 Cummings–Tillman Gerngross of Thayer speaks. “Psychedelic Language” 4:30, Loew–“Scott Santoro, Graphic Designer, Worksight, New York City, will discuss the… Read more »

Disappointed: Alex, I did not read the editorial in the D today, but as a Midwesterner, I must say how disappointed I am to see that blatant placeism is allowed… Read more »

Battle of the Stereotypes: In the D today, Michael Chan ’04 and Hannah Kwon ’02 decry the stereopying of Asian-Americans in a new set of t-shirts put out by Abercrombie… Read more »

DIPAC Barkam event a success: The Dartmouth Israel Public Affairs Committee event last night featuring Mr. Nimrod Barkan speaking on the current Israel/Palestinian crisis was a success. Michael Sevi �02,… Read more »

Thursday Happenings: (delayed by IE-Mac) “Looking Back, Moving Forward” noon, Commonground–Student activist meeting. Topic: “Why are we such nice and kind people acting on behalf of others?” “Poetry and Prose”… Read more »

Pong, anyone?: Fox: “College Drinking Study is Intoxicating Scam“–a debunking of the numbers from Ralph Hingon’s alarmist study, by JunkScience‘s (and Cato’s) Steven Milloy.