Monthly Archives: April 2002

Some more snazzy Dartmouth paraphernalia on eBay (all prices as of posting): Some mint Dartmouth College Case stamps featuring Webster and Dartmouth Hall: $2.95 The Dartmouth seal on a faux… Read more »

In the D: In a news article describing how a dorm-room intruder entered a student’s room, tapped her on the shoulder, and then fled, the Daily Dartmouth paraphrases a student… Read more »

Tulloch to plead guilty: Story in the Boston Herald. `It’s bad closure, but it ends it,” said a friend of the teens. “I know it’s anti-climactic, but it’s better for… Read more »

Tuesday Happenings: “Community Dinner” 6 P.M., Collis Commonground–More gaiety from the Dartmouth Rainbow Alliance. “Tuesday Night Movie/Discussion” 8 P.M., 28 Silsby Hall–Watch “Dead Man Walking” and protest the death penalty… Read more »

Quiet Riot: This evening’s protest by students against the death penalty was more the size of a small posse than a mob. Five or six gathered around one of the… Read more »

This email’s been making the rounds. What could really be so incriminating? Party announcements? Pong tournaments? Dear Friends, You are receiving this message because at some point you have expressed… Read more »

Nathaniel: I’m surprised at all of you. How can you be so disparaging of a man who prefaces his solution to a 55-year armed conflict with this: I don’t know… Read more »

In regards to Larry’s posting on Friday on door locks, did anyone else notice that Redman said, “Technically we could’ve turned it on for winter term, but we would have… Read more »

Elsewhere: DMS professor Dr. Joseph Rosen studies and advocates unconventional plastic surgery. Says Rosen, “Human wings will be here. Mark my words.” Rosen asked colleagues at a conference last year,… Read more »

Dismissing David Brock: Slate’s Chatterbox takes issue with Blinded by the Right author David Brock. Among the contentions: that Brock lied about his unfamiliarity with former Review editor Laura Ingraham’s… Read more »