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Re: “prospies”: It would be interesting to know how the people accepted into the new Class stand historically in terms of average SAT scores. The D article linked below says… Read more »

Why can’t we all just get along Fresh off its success with… (if you can think of something let me know), the SA has decided to form a new diversity… Read more »

Larry:You know you can’t say you can’t play…

Images of Dear Old Dartmouth

Stats for ’06 “prospies.” The Daily D reported some interesting facts regarding the potential members of the class of 2006. 20% of applicants were accepted, down from 22.8% last year…. Read more »

Bitter?: Word on the avenue is that Frat-Basher Katie Greenwood participated in sorority rush�specifically at Epsilon Kappa Theta. After her recent e-mails and her Daily D editorial, need one guess… Read more »

Quiet Riot: This evening’s protest by students against the death penalty was more the size of a small possey than a mob. Five or six gathered around one of the… Read more »

Elsewhere: The Associated Press (via the Globe) on the Dartmouth community’s reaction to news of Tulloch pleading guilty. German professor Ulrike Rainer: ”I’m glad about it because I figured the… Read more »

Better Buy the Valley News: The D’s lead story today is on Robert Tulloch changing his insanity plea. The subheading of the article (on the web version at least) says… Read more »

Dr. Paul Gerber, 55, an internist at DHMC, died of a drug overdose of prescription painkillers, reports today’s Valley News. Gerber died suddenly in his office on January 2. Autopsy… Read more »