Monthly Archives: April 2002

The Student Assembly Election: Among my beliefs of a “glass is half full” variety, the saddest is undoubtedly the continuing conviction that the Student Assembly can someday become an effective… Read more »

T-shirts: Be like Nilly and purchase your 4 Indian shirts here

Tuesday Happenings: “What matters to me and why” noon, Tucker–Professor and writer Ernest Hebert speaks. “Artificial Intelligence” noon, Thornton Hall lounge–This week’s philosophy lunch. “Kudos: Recognition and Motivation” 5:30 P.M.,… Read more »

The Op-Ed so nice, they posted it twice: Nilly’s first letter to the editor in a while.

Thinking About The Unthinkable: Washington D.C.’s Brookings Institution has released a cost/benefit study on terrorist prevention that urges the Bush administration to focus on preventing the most costly attacks –… Read more »

Being Republican at Dartmouth: College Republicans meeting on this topic tonight at 9, in 212 Collis. Some CRs adverts concocted by yrs trly.

Monday Happenings: (Another strange chapter in the GreenPrint saga–from the “Computing – Outages” bulletin: “The GreenPrint machines and the public print window in the Berry basement are closed until we… Read more »

Fascists, or just lazy?: GreenPrint, no matter how poorly conceived (explained here), seems so much more compelling now that they’ve stopped sorting documents at the print output window. Is this… Read more »

Our Man in the Field: With a bit of help from Ryan Gorsche, I’ve finally posted The Kalb Chronicles, the collected recent writings of TDR‘s Appalachia correspondent. Read and enjoy.

Sunday Happenings: (Forget Mac IE; Mozilla‘s finally better) “3 on 3 Bball tournament” 2 – 5 P.M., Alumni Gym basketball courts–Including a DJ, refreshments, and raffles. “A Soulful Review” 4… Read more »