Monthly Archives: March 2002

Hmmm… this from a site about Samson Occum and Long Island History The Hill Winds of the Hamptons: Dartmouth Almost Founded on Long Island “Samson Occum felt strongly enough about… Read more »

TOTAL DISCONNECT: So Sports Illustrated, in a method TDR pioneered in 1984, recently conducted some novel reporting on the question of �offensive� Indian mascots: They talked to actual Indians. SI… Read more »

Dartmouth physics professor Marcelo Gleiser “puts his eclectic resume to good use in this exploration of how religious and scientific views of life and death come together in the skies,”… Read more »

College admissions are drawing to a close for the year with most letters being sent out this week, reports today’s USA Today (link, anyone?), and Dartmouth College sets the standard… Read more »

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