Monthly Archives: March 2002

Sex for One: Women’s Resource Center favorite Betty Dodson, “noted” sexologist and author of Sex for One, a guide to masturbation (available at the WRC), has been written up this… Read more »

In Concert: Denver indie-pop band Dressy Bessy will play at Dartmouth’s Collis Center on Friday, with opening act Death Ray Davies hitting the stage at 9 PM (and these Collis… Read more »

Harvard Lite: Why is it that every grand new idea the College comes up with to “ensure that Dartmouth remain an institution at the forefront of � teaching and research… Read more »

Ben Stein’s Dartmouth Diary: In today’s Daily D TV gameshow host and writer Ben Stein makes another appearance at the College. Responding to the March 1 Daily D article, Stein… Read more »

Earning their pay: Speaking of inane studies, a team of Dartmouth Medical School researchers recently linked movies to teen smoking. Apparently, teens who watch movies with many depictions of smoking… Read more »

Reparations at Brown: Harvard’s Charles Ogletree and author Randall Robinson say that their Reparations Coordinating Committee will sue universities that may have benefitted from slavery. For now, Brown, Harvard, Yale,… Read more »

In a meeting with Greek leaders yesterday, Deborah Carney announced that Greek Life Committee student monitors must start accompanying Safety and Security officers on house walkthroughs. Under the current GLC… Read more »

Researchers from the Dartmouth Medical School have finally discovered what most people already know, namely that children emulate what they see on television and movies. Read all about this ground-breaking… Read more »

In the D: In an inane editorial for the Daily Dartmouth, Matt Soriano argues for a change in the way Oscar winners are chosen, specifically that the voting population be… Read more »

Kiewit Public’s gone; now its replacement, Berry Public, may soon be a thing of the past as the College transitions to a new printing system, GreenPrint. Under the new system,… Read more »