Monthly Archives: March 2002

Monday Event: James Nachtwey ’70, War Photographer: James Nachtwey is a war photographer whose work has been featured in Time (see especially Shattered, photos from the aftermath of 9/11 in… Read more »

Drinking in New Hampshire: The Manchester Union leader reports that the state of New Hampshire is expanding its efforts against drunk driving this year by adding patrols to the roads… Read more »

Dartlog Update: is now the official online home of Dartmouth’s Weekend Update. Watch for new editions on Thursdays and updates on Fridays and Saturdays. Also, check out our new… Read more »

Corporate Reparations: Today’s Boston Globe reports that a class action reparations lawsuit has been filed against several corporations that may have profited from slavery, including Aetna and FleetBoston. Slavery reparations… Read more »

For those who haven’t seen it, the Atlantic’s interview with Tulloch and Parker’s teacher in jail. Also from the Atlantic, Ron Powers’s The Apocalypse of Adolescence, constructing a social context… Read more »

A few entertaining Dartmouth items on eBay (all prices as of the current moment): A Dartmouth College “tobacco leather” with a building etched in (Webster Hall, perhaps): $8 A copy… Read more »

Dartmouth Libraries, way back when: In 1779, the Dartmouth Library was open from 1-2 PM, Monday and Tuesday. Now the hours are a little more extensive.

On the Road Again: Known well around Hanover for his work at Stinson’s, ever-presence at the 5 Olde bar, and myriad eccentricities, “Baltimore Jack” Tarlin set off yesterday for another… Read more »

Dorm Locking Delayed: Starting next fall, all College dormitories will have an electronic door locking system which will require students to carry “proximity cards” to gain entrance. In today’s Daily… Read more »

Today in 1942: The Stanford Indians beat the Dartmouth Indians 53-38 for the NCAA basketball championship. Some game and season stats here.