1891 Agreement discussed in The D

Today’s Daily Dartmouth featured two counter editorials about altering or preserving the 1891 Board of Trustees agreement, a controversial issue which TDR has been covering for the past several weeks. One editorial is written by Joseph Asch ‘79 who argues that the 1891 agreement must be honored for the sake of maintaining a democratic trustee election process; the other editorial, written by John Mathias ’69, is critical of the current alumni trustee election process.

While Mr. Asch rhetorically asks “should responsibility for choosing Trustees be thrown back to the Board in violation of the spirit of the 1891 agreement?,” Mr. Mathias provides his own answer in his editorial, “From my point of view, after 116 years it could use thoughtful re-examination, careful study, and perhaps even robust public debate.”

Read both editorials yourself, and let us know what you think.