“Black Beauty”: From the “Afro-American Society” Blitz bulletin:

******Afro-American Society*******

General Body Meeting

Thursday May 2, 2002

6:30 pm


Committee Updates

BADA Weekend, Tuck BBQ

North Country Weekend

Alcohol Screening

Topic of Discussion brough to us by Ebony Man/Ebony Woman and facilitated by Cherisse Keller

******Black Beauty*******

Do we as black people create our own standards of beauty, or are we still brainwashed by european standards? If so, when will we stop?

Homecoming queens, glamorized celebrities, video hos… what happens to the black women who don’t fit the faces of these women? What are the faces of these women?

Diahann Caroll or Cicely Tyson? why not both?

What, pray tell, is a “video ho”?