Why Can’t We All Just Get Along II

SA President Molly Stutzman wonders why I don’t think a Diversity Committee would be valuable. Here’s my response:

What does it possibly accomplish? I have seen a number of attempts at fostering diversity, and you know what, people are still complaining that everyone needs to work towards fostering greater diversity. why do all these efforts fail? because the term “diversity” has been rendered meaningless. Everyone has a different definition of what it means, therefore no one will ever be satisfied until their own little pet peeve is dealt with. The diversity idea is a scam.

Furthermore, on a more pratical level, what purpose does a new committee serve? I remember sitting back and thinking, “you know what SA needs? More committees! Let’s facilitate…let’s discuss…let’s end up doing nothing worthwhile.” And if this committee is designed to link up different groups, isn’t that part of the mission of the student orgs committee, or COSO, or Tucker, or any of the other groups that bring together “diverse” groups?