Why can’t we all just get along

Fresh off its success with… (if you can think of something let me know), the SA has decided to form a new diversity affairs committee. The point of this committee will be to facilitate interaction between cultural, religious, and ethnic organizations on campus. Says President Molly Stutzman, “Interacting with groups such as [Native Americans at Dartmouth] and [Dartmouth Asian Organization] would create a synergy, in which input from them can contribute to the sharing of views.” Ah yes, synergy (as with any synergy, however, somebody’s going to get laid off. I’m looking at you NAD). Think Molly’s ready for consulting next year? More to the point, why is this committee needed, other than to serve as a clearinghouse for all the various complaints and whining from “diverse” student organizations about how they are somehow left out of the Dartmouth community. The new committee chairman claims that the committee will also be open to a diversity of ideas. To test this out, I think Review staffers should attend the first committee meeting, you know to help “facilitate a discussion.” Even if just five go, they could easily get a majority (this is an SA committee meeting, after all). Plus you might even get free food. However, in the name of diversity, I think you should move to have Panda House instead of pizza.