Wenesday Happenings: George Lewis 12:30 P.M., Faulkner Recital Hall–The composer performs as part of the Festival of New Musics. Players include the composer Christian Wolff and Don Glasgo.

“Edge Dinner” 6:30 P.M., Edgerton House (14 School St.)–Prof. Marcelo Gleiser, author of several books on physics, religion, and philosophy, discusses the origin of the universe.

Behind Closed Eyes” (film) 6:45 & 8:50 P.M., Loew–“How four children of war learn to build a future, despite their past” ($5 Dartmouth students, $6 gen. admission).

“Identity Workshop” 7 P.M., Amarna–“…construct a creative online “image” of your identity referencing racial and gender stereotypes, and participate in a provoking discussion about the effects of dominant culture”. Damn that dominant culture!

“An American Indian Constructionalist Family Therapy Model” 7 P.M., Filene Auditorium–Dr. Rockey Robbins speaks on this topic.

“Seekers of Spiritual Truth” 8 P.M., Tucker–Find God while enjoying refreshments and snacks.

“ECO Meeting” 9 P.M., Robinson lobby–Didn’t ECO meet on Monday? Did that not work out?