Wednesday Happenings: “Sexual Assault and Communities of Color” 6:30 P.M., Cutter-Shabazz.

“Who made your shoes???” 6:30 P.M., 105 Dartmouth–“An up to date and honest picture of Nike’s sweatshop practices.” Join the Greens for senseless bashing of a company that actually has one of the best human rights records in the developing world and has proven willing to work with (and even fund) the groups that harass it the most. Expect the spirit of Michael Moore: grand pronouncements, factual inaccuracies, deliberate misleading, and, when all else fails, bash the rich/successful.

“Vaughan Recital Series” 12:30 P.M., Faulkner Recital Hall, Hopkins Center–“Dartmouth College students Theodore Siegel, Class of ’02, Kyle Polite, Class of ’05, and Danielle Derocher and Lauren Hendrickson, both Class of ’04, perform works by Eccles, Saint-Saens and others for double-reed instruments.”

Storytelling” (film) 6:45 & 8:45 P.M., Spaulding Auditorium–“Divided into Fiction and Non-Fiction, Solondz’s new film is an autocritique on topics varying from censorship and suburban toxicity to the hypocrisy and dishonesty of filmmaking” ($5 Dartmouth Students, $6 gen. admission).

“War and Ethnic Cleansing in the Balkans” 4 P.M., 3 Rockefeller–Robert Hayden speaks.

“Dartmouth Contemporary” 8 P.M., 101 Collis–The formerly exclusively-bookish publication plans its next issue.

“GSA Meeting” 9 P.M., 204 Robinson–Plan an upcoming “the upcoming gay-greek discussion.” ‘Nuff said.

At the Nugget: The Rookie, Ice Age, E.T., LOTR, and Kissing Jessica Stein.