Thursday Happenings: (delayed by IE-Mac)

“Looking Back, Moving Forward” noon, Commonground–Student activist meeting. Topic: “Why are we such nice and kind people acting on behalf of others?”

“Poetry and Prose” 4 P.M., Wren Room–Poet David Wojahn, director of the University of Indiana’s creative writing program, reads. A sample.

“The Healing God: The Evolution of Cult and Medicine at the Sanctuary of Asklepios” 4 P.M., 105 Dartmouth–Vasillis Lambrinoudakis speaks.

“Michelangelo: The Aristocrat as Artist” 4 P.M., 13 Carpenter–William Wallace speaks.

“Theorizing Resistance in Early Modern Europe” 4 P.M., 217 Dartmouth–Stanford’s Roland Green speaks.

“The Asian-American Multi-Racial Experience” 6 P.M., Casque and Gauntlet–Student discussion on people who identify themselves with many hyphens.

“PoliTalk” 6:30 P.M., 209 Rockefeller–That evil LePen, Earth Day, Al Gore, that evil Bush, and Jenin: a bit one-sided, non?

“Meet the Candidates” 7 P.M., Tindle Lounge–Candidates for the various class councils and the SA give speeches. If a tree falls in the forest and nobody…

“Earth” (film) 7 P.M., Loew–“The story of an 8-year-old Parsee girl with a Hindu nanny and Muslim playmates is a vehicle for a chilling exploration of how ordinary people are sucked into religious and sectarian hatred” ($5 Dartmouth students, $6 gen. admission).

“Pre-med discussion” 7 P.M., Shabazz Lounge–Meet “several black medical students.”

“Brian Jacobs Live” 8 P.M., Spaulding–In the most advertised event of the year, senior Brian Jacobs presents his senior thesis and new CD.

“MixedMedia” 9 P.M., Top of the Hop–“An AREA exhibit foregrounding the intersection of the Visual Arts and Writing.” Featuring a cash bar, turntables, and performance art.