Sunday Happenings: “Help Plan a demonstration against war” 5 P.M., Women’s Resource Center–“It’s time for all those who believe in and still cherish democracy, freedom and equality to demand accountability from government officials and Stop the War, at Home and Abroad!” Volunteers are needed to teach protestors grammar and basic fact-checking skills.

“BBQ at Amarna” 2-5 P.M., Amarna–“burgers, hot dogs, veggie burgers, etc… the weather is supposed to be beautiful, so we’ll have the volleyball net set up, along with other games.”

“Vaughan Recital Series” 4 P.M., Faulkner Recital Hall, Hopkins Center–“Steve Marchena and John Mason, guitar duo, perform solos, duets and trios by Franz Schubert, Fernando Sor, Leo Brouwer, John Duarte and others.”

“DFS double feature” 8:35 P.M., Spaulding Auditorium–“A Real Young Girl” and ““. Both explore the vulgar sexuality of exaggerated youth. “Une Vraie Jeune Fille” was banned in France in 1976 for its explicit content.

Sign up for the “Core Experience Retreat”–“During this retreat, we aim to develop skills in understanding our own needs and how to take care of them. We aim to discuss and even discover our passions and learn tools to help us realize them.” No men. Blitz “Djahane Salehabadi.”