Statement of President Wright regarding sentencing in Zantop murder trial

Today, Robert Tulloch pleaded guilty to first-degree murder and he and James Parker were both sentenced. While we will never be able to make sense of the brutal murders of Half and Susanne Zantop, our community has come together in countless ways since that terrible day to celebrate their lives, to comfort one another, and to heal. Veronika and Mariana Zantop have inspired us all and, with them, we remember the accomplishments of their parents.

Scholars around the world have honored the Zantops in conferences and publications. Colleagues and students have made sure their presence will continue to be felt through memorials, dedications, and other activities. The memory of them and their contributions will always be with us. In our grief, we know we are the richer because of them.

We are deeply appreciative of the work of our local law enforcement agencies and of the Attorney General’s office in bringing this case to resolution.