Saturday Happenings: (KPIX-TV: Squirrels invade Stanford University)

“First-year family cookout” noon, Collis porch–Sponsored by the Dartmouth Rainbow Alliance, the Gay-Straight Alliance, the Afro-American Society, the Department of Sociology, COSO, the advisor to LGBT Students, and the Women’s Resource Center. Does anyone affiliated with any of these groups know how to work a grill? Find out.

“Lunch with Paris Combo” 1:30 P.M., Francophone House (16 North Park Street)

“Hip-Hop Classes” 3:30 P.M., fencing room (Alumni Gym)–Let Sheba show you how to dance to hip-hop. Next week: the waltz ($10).

“Lantana” (film) 7 and 9:30 P.M., Loew–“The lantana bush is the central symbol in this beguiling thriller that uses the crime-story genre to study four married couples” ($5 Dartmouth students, $6 gen. admission).

“Paris Combo” 8 P.M., Spaulding Auditorium–“This retro-cabaret quintet celebrates the diversity of contemporary Paris with chanteuse stylings of original songs that blend jazz, Latin, gypsy, swing and North African rhythms” ($5 Dartmouth students, $20 gen. admission).

“Decibelles and MIT Logs” 9 P.M., Brace Commons–Given the glut around here, need we import a capella?

“Casual Thursday” 9 P.M., Wheeler Lounge–The improv comedy group performs.

“Common Creep” 11:30 P.M., Sigma Phi Epsilon.