Monday Happenings:“Earth Day” 11:30 A.M., Collis Porch–Events include a barbeque (no beef, I should hope), quilt making, a “trash display,” a “bottle mail-back,” and “EcoPledge signing.” Go wild.

“Too Many Notes: Computers, Complexity and Culture” 2 P.M., Hartman Auditorium–Composer George Lewis, New Musics Festival resident, speaks.

“Student Art Exhibit / EW Coffee House” 5:30 P.M., Brace Commons–Including the Dartmouth Dance Ensemble, the Barbary Coast Jazz band, “Gumboot,” spoken word poetry, “Salsa Improv,” and “experimental theater.” Unfocused? Perhaps a bit.

“Emergency Pan Asian Council Meeting” 6 P.M., 101 Collis–A largish clothing retailer