’06 Alumni Councilor Selected

So, after a bevy of criticism about the results of the SEC vote last week, what does the newy-formed Committee make its first act? Appoint two more Paleopitus members to class positions, including the important alumni councilor post.

It’s almost as if these guys were trying to appear as out-of-touch as possible with the majority of the class.

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Congratulations to the new ’06

Alumni Councilor & Head Agent
Libby Hadzima! Sam Jackson!

The SEC would like to thank everyone who submitted nominations.

We will be looking for mini-reunion chairs, newsletter editor, class photographer, class artist, class project chair, class listserv manager, and webmaster at the beginning of spring term. Please consider nominating ’06s to these positions.

Good luck on finals and have a great spring break!

06 SEC
Anthony Bramante, President
Edy Wilson, Vice President
Heidi Immesberger, Secretary
Mikee Guzman, Treasurer