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  • The “I” Word At Dartmouth
    On April 2, 2013, the Associated Press dropped the usage of the phrase “illegal immigrant” from its stylebook,... Read more »
  • Discussing Microagressions
    Editors Note: The following is a discussion of the microagressions, their origins, and their impact on the... Read more »
  • Rethinking Student Wages
    John Smith*, a member of the Class of 2017, didn’t know the true meaning of warmth until his sophomore... Read more »
  • Book Review of “She Can Fly”
    Dartmouth is our introduction to serious personal responsibility. This leads us to think about most everything... Read more »

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TDR Alumni

Ellis ’06 Recognized by Forbes

Ellis ’06 Recognized by Forbes

  Michael Ellis ’06, as seen this spring with his wife at TDR’s 30th anniversary gala in New York City (photo courtesy of Gordon Haff Th. ’81).We at The Dartmouth… Read more »

Fmr. Editor-in-Chief, Harmeet Dhillon ’89 on 7Live

Fmr. Editor-in-Chief, Harmeet Dhillon ’89 on 7Live

Former TDR Editor-in-Chief Harmeet Dhillon, head of the San Francisco Bay Area GOP, recently put in an appearance on 7Live, a Bay Area talk show to discuss some of the… Read more »