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  • A Vote of No Confidence
    As Daniel Webster stated in the legendary 1819 Supreme Court case of Dartmouth College vs. Wentworth, “It... Read more »
  • In Memoriam: Enoch Powell
    This Thursday, February 8th, 2018, will mark the twentieth anniversary of the death of Enoch Powell, a prominent... Read more »
  • What’s Up with White People?
    With an audience seemingly large enough to warrant multiple fire safety violations, Professor Matt Wray commenced... Read more »
  • Controversy over Conservative Speakers Continues
    In response to the riots at Berkley due to the guest speakers Milo Yiannopolous and Ann Coulter, the College... Read more »

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TDR Alumnus Joins Yale Law Faculty

TDR Alumnus Joins Yale Law Faculty

The Dartmouth Review alumnus Mr. David Schleicher ’00 is set to join Yale Law School’s faculty as an associate professor of law this summer. In addition to his involvement with… Read more »

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The D-Lite

The D-Lite

The D-Lite Ingredients: Keystone Light— sacrifice taste for everything else A bottle Bitters— enough for alumni, students, and the college’s bank account to enjoy Pennies— can substitute with any other… Read more »