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  • Protests at Homecoming Bonfire
    A defining element of the Dartmouth College experience are the rites of passage and traditions students experience... Read more »
  • Cheerleading Team Stages Protests during Anthem
    Last weekend, students on the Dartmouth cheerleading team protested President Trump’s decision to phase... Read more »
  • Provost Dever Steps Down
    On Tuesday, October 10, President Hanlon wrote to the Dartmouth College community to announce that Provost... Read more »
  • Thoughts in Autumn
    Once again I quote the great T.S. Eliot, this time from a different part of his “Four Quartets,” entitled... Read more »

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TDR Alumnus Joins Yale Law Faculty

TDR Alumnus Joins Yale Law Faculty

The Dartmouth Review alumnus Mr. David Schleicher ’00 is set to join Yale Law School’s faculty as an associate professor of law this summer. In addition to his involvement with… Read more »

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Wheelock’s Fountain of Youth

Wheelock’s Fountain of Youth

  Gallons of New England Rum Gallons of Malaga Wine Pounds of sugar Hundreds of lemons Dozens of limes 1 pound of nutmeg ’Twas a Friday night in the springtime,… Read more »