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  • Review Reviews: Veritas Forum
    On Monday April 30th, the annual Veritas Forum took place in the Rockefeller Center here at the College. This... Read more »
  • Patriarchy: the Shattuck Observatory
    Bellow the tree line of College Park sits one of The College’s most historic of buildings, the Shattuck... Read more »
  • The Failure of the Welfare State
    The expansion of the welfare state during the 20thcentury prompted an expansion of the federal government.... Read more »
  • Murals of Old Dartmouth
    Last week, Dartmouth College convened a study group to decide the future of the “Hovey Murals.” The murals,... Read more »

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An Interview with Austen Fletcher

An Interview with Austen Fletcher

Austen Fletcher ‘12 has recently developed quite a following on YouTube with his channel, FleccasTalks. The premise of his videos is simple, as Fletcher puts it, “I amplify the voices of… Read more »

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The D-Lite

The D-Lite

The D-Lite Ingredients: Keystone Light— sacrifice taste for everything else A bottle Bitters— enough for alumni, students, and the college’s bank account to enjoy Pennies— can substitute with any other… Read more »